World championship of joëlette
Fouras - France
Saturday, May 23, 2020
14e edition
organized by Synapse 17



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Saturday, May 27th, 2017

11th Edition

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"Synapse 17" was created in December 2009 by the Rotary clubs of Marennes-Oléron and Rochefort and by the Inner Wheel of Rochefort. They have organized the annual "World Championship of Joëlette" to benefit the handicapped since 2007.

With « To serve » as its motto, "Synapse 17" is founded on tolerance and loyalty, and is involved in activities benefitting the disabled.

« World Championship of Joëlette »

will be held on a NEW COURSE of ROCHEFORT, between La Rochelle and Royan, on Saturday, May 7th, 2016.

affiche championnat du monde de joëlette 7 mai 2016 à Rochefort 17

In 2007, 15 teams stood on the starting line. Since 2014, there have been 63 teams that have vied for the different prizes offered by the challenge.

equipe joelette

SYNAPSE 17 will mobilize its entire team of volunteers again this year to sign up more runners, to advertise, and to "internationalize" the race more than ever.

A joëlette allows five runners to race with a handicapped person between them. Together, the runners take on a challenging, all-terrain course filled with obstacles!

The participants must role, run, climb, scramble down paths that are chaotic, yet adapted for the joëlettes! The teams arrive at the finish line amidst tumultuous applause! The race is difficult, but the victory is shared by everyone. It is an unforgettable day that will be engraved forever in all of us, but especially in the memories of the person carried by the runners, who was thus able to participate in the entire race!



equipe joelette



Many associations support us, notably:

The Inner Wheel Clubs of Rochefort and Royan

Who financed the purchase of the joëlettes for « Synapse 17


Partner of the project « The World Championship of Joëlette » since 2009. Their work has led to the creation of a joëlette park that is the property of the « Synapse 17 » association.

All year, the joëlettes are available to associations dedicated to helping the handicapped.

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